(Poem removed on poet’s kind request)

The poetry in words can be found here (opens in new window)

Denice Frohman is one of the poets that made me fall in love with the art. Reading her words (Text removed on poet’s request), though beautiful, does not do her poetry complete justice. I read an article a couple go days ago by Djelloul Marbrook blogger who writes for Vox PopuliHis article The Body Language of Poetry spoke about how a poet’s language is his/her bodylanguge as wells as their words. The article went on elaborate on how when reading a poem the poet insinuates his/her unique body language into the text, which makes the poetry fuller. And I concur. But watching Miss Fohman I can’t help but notice a light and charisma that she emits when she speaks and her attitude which brings her words to life. Though I agree with agree with Mr. Marbrook, I am not sure this life can be gotten from the text alone. My point is, if you can watch the attached video above. she is amazing.

Note: Some of Spanish words mentioned and their translation (but like with some good poetry when read, esp. by the poet, the laugaue is universal)

sancocho; cooking/stew, cuatro; four, bomba; pump, plena; full, dale; bring it on, coqui’s of el campo; Coqui’s of the field


Happy Dreaming!




Denice Frohman is an award-wining poet, lyricist, teacher and speaker. Her work is themed around race, gender, sexuality and current social awareness. As a gay woman from a multi-cultural background Frohman’s message often speaks to social change and acceptance,  advocating human right and equality.

She is has been featured in the Huffington post, Buzzfeed and a number of Advocate and literary publications. She has been the recipient of a number of awards including, 2013 Women of the World Poetry Slam Champion, 2014 CantoMundo Fellow, 2014 National Association of Latino Arts & Cultures Fund for the Arts grant and more.

Her poem “Dear Straight People” went viral and has over a million views on youTube. She has been invited to speak and perform from schools to conferences across the US and internationally.

Want to know more about her work? click here.




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