This one of my favourite books. Its in the top 5 books I would recommend to anyone. And here is why

The Bronze Horseman is a historical fictional story. It begins on the 22 of June, 1941 Russia, at the start of WW2 in Russia . The main female character Tatiana, a day shy of her 17th birthday, wakes up to a a different world that her closed her eyes to the night before.

During the summer of 1941 the Metanov family are living a hard life in Leningrad. As the German armies advance their future looks bleak. For Tatiana, love arrives in the guise of Alexander, who harbours a deadly and extraordinary secret.

Alexander Belov is a Red Army lieutenant who falls in love with Tatiana Metanova, a naive girl exited about war, an idealist in every sense. This book is the start of a trilogy which sends us into the journey of Tatiana and Alexander and the people around them. It is told in a way no other book, that I have ever read, has done. All three books are equally captivating and original. Tatiana and Alexander’s story, like in life where we live many pockets of existence, is fluid, their journey which which we are taken along on portrays this brilliantly.

All the characters in this book command your full attention. You have an opinion, you hate them, love them, like them, respect them, you are never indifferent. You are never bored. There is a masterful flow to the way its written. It keeps you riveted from the beginning to the very last full stop.

One of the reasons this book is so special, other then the story itself, is the author Paullina Simons. The author has this unique ability to make her readers FEEL. You feel every breath they take and the food they taste. You feet their desire, and longing, and heartache, and hunger, their joy, their pain. You see clearly this world she has created, but somehow you live it too. Good books have this ability, yes, but there is something else that Miss Simons does in the book, something I am yet to find again. She makes her story bleed. That is the closest I can come to describing the experience to get when you read this book, but not even close to what actually happens. There is magic in this author that spills into her work. And The Bronze Horseman is a very good place to start to discovering this.

I will say this though you do not want to not have book two readily available after reading the first instalment. Anyone that picks this up is in for an epic, incredible story of love and life and everything in between plus so much more.

This is not just a love story, its that and a whole lot more. This book is packed full love, that was all consuming, world-shattering, achingly deep, and epic. Full of action, mystery, romance, heart, life, adventure, and things I can’t begin to put to words.

At the end of the trilogy I had lived another life, full and as real as the one I was living prior to the pages of the book. A life full of ups and down as in any other, of love and family hope of by most, full of adversary, victory, pain, growth and loss. It was a full life. And like every other came a conclusion. And when that time came, I mourned its loss.

I don’t like to give away much about great reads, I want people to experience them with as fresh as eyes as possible. It allows you to breathe your imagination unto the pages, though this book in particular does that for you effortlessly.

As with most good books these days, this one is to have a film counterpart. But I always recommend reading the book first, and even if you have already seen a film based on a book, read the book still.

10+ Stars

This was my 2012 book of the year.


Happy Dreaming!


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