Front Camera


Hello! My name is Sandra Francesca. I have a passion for most things imaginary; films, books, music, photography and poetry to name a few. I started this blog to share the love I have for words and pictures. I hope to one day in the near future have a profession in one or both mediums.

One of my favourite things is a fireplace, I don’t own one (yet, sigh!),  but i can imagine how perfect it would be. I love scents, and mood lighting like candlelight, photographs and sounds, they inspire my imagination and make the life evolving in my head so much more vivid while i read. So I know a fireplace would be a dream to read by.

I also love creating, I tinker in writing and filmmaking. Film is so much live books for me, especially when i am behind the camera. I love adapting my imagination to a visual, physical form, almost tangible and sharing with others. Its a magical thing books and film. It really is.

I hope you enjoy this blog and please do keep in touch.

Happy Dreaming!


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