Lights, Life and Soho

I was tasked to write about something random by The Daily Post, themed on ‘unlocking your mind’, in twenty minutes, so forgive my ‘off my usual subject’ post, I began to type…

I want to write about my favourite walk way in London, a little square called Soho. I love London’s Soho, the people there are the friendliest, kindest souls you’d ever meet. Souls that is what your reminded of in soho that we have souls, there is a variety of people, men, women and every wonderful variations in-between all cooked up in the bustling heartbeat that is Soho. I can get lost walking around soho, not lost as in “geez, they really should put these streets on the map”, lost as in “wow, thats wonderful, oh look something more wonderful” then next thing I know, four hours has mysteriously vanished from the clock on my iPhone. I have favourtiore spots I tend to always stop by when I’m in soho. One of them is La Polenteria.


La Polenteria is a fantastic quaint family-run Italian restaurant on Soho’s Old Compton street. The restaurant and its food is themed on polenta, a cornmeal paste commonly used in Italian cooking.  La Polenteria is vegan friendly., it does cater to non-begans but as equally catered to vegans. If you are or have ever been a vegan you know that most restaurants that have vegan options in London, usually have one or two items that are vegan, almost an afterthought. Not La Polenteria. The deserts are deliciously vegan and draws the hmms from my non-vegan friends as well. They even introduced me to a wonderful invention I had never heard of before, a little something known as Fentimens’ beer.


Francesco on the right, and the menu option on the left
Francesco on the right, and the menu option on the left

Its a cola based beer suitable for vegans and its freaking delicious. I am not a soda drinker but I had to give this a try and I’m so glad I did. The restaurant is owned by the lovely Giuseppe, he was very friendly the first day I walk in, walking me through the food and honestly taking an interest in my dietary choices. He is usually a fixture in the restaurant and I love getting my double cheek kiss from him or an elaborate hand wave whenever I pop by. Another wonderful person to encounter at the eatery is Francesco, I can hardly call him a waiter, he is more than that, he warms you to the restaurant the moment you turn you he’d in that direction, and ushers you in, I of course love getting my double kisses from him as well. that usually accompanies a good conversation. The pair represent the restaurant so beautifully is a joy to eat there very chance I get.

The Owner Gustepee
The Owner Giuseppe

About the food. La Polenteria offers a range of meals mostly based on polenta, they offer you a taste of hors d’oeuvre as you walk in. You are seduced by this of course because the little taste you get is to die for. The food is melt in your mouth delicious, it so good I am not so words can do them justice I’ll leave that for the food critics. They also do a variety of cupcakes all vegan, all delicious, but I do have my favourites, the cheesecake cupcake that Francesco recommend after my all time favourite of theirs had ran out was… (shakes head, lost for words). My all time favourite is their lemon cupcake, oh if there is a god this is what he/she tates of. I melt and go to heaven every time I put a piece in my mouth. I believe they have stopped making these, but I was assured by Giuseppe that I need only call ahead and they would be make available for me, I mean how lovely can these kindhearted people get. Let me just say if I ever get married I have my cake sorted.




When I feel like having more drinks with some catchy music attached I make my way down to the award winning gay bar Ku bar in Chinatown. This particulate gay bar, is stock full of happy friendly people that just make you want to live there the rest of your life. So far I have met great friends in that bar, had stimulating political arguments as well and social discussions and of course wonderful drinks, what more can you ask for? The music is great, amazing parties, the bar staff is so friendly and kind, its welcoming, even their bouncer, I forgot to ask his name was personable and funny and I have had nice conversations with him. The whole place made me fall in love with Soho all over again.

Random picture of the bar form google captures the feel of the place

One of my favourite drinks from Ku bar is their raspberry mojito, which was recommended by a bartender, I really should get their names, or better yet remember them after they give it to 🙂 I am pretty sure they did give it to me. I also love their tequila, there’s was the first tequila I had ever had, just two weeks ago. I have since tried others but theirs is the bomb, I don’t know what its called, another thing I intend to rectify my next visit.



One other stop I love to make is a jazz and blues bar called Ain’t nothin But… Its a live music bar that I can’t help but envision America’s New Orleans when ever I visit. I’ve never been to New Orleans but I have seen movies 😀 Those that have agree so I know I’m on the right track there. Again the bar staff are uber friendly and the musicians too, sometimes you get to spark up a conversation with the musicians before they start and what a wonderful mix of personalities, I have learnt a lot about the blues and jazz and music in general in this little bar. And I adore this place to pieces.


Live perform ants @ Ain't Notin But...
Live performance @ Ain’t Notin But…

The bar opens at 6pm, I like to go at this time because I get to just pay for my drinks, grab a seat and wait for the music. I think there is a door charge for later than 6, I am not certain. Again, I have meet a lovely group of friends here, an eclectic group. The drinks are reasonably prised, the atmosphere is invaluable and the music, inspiring.




These are only just a few of the many gems I have found in the year I really discovered Soho, and not just past by. The beauty of this area is that there is always something you miss, and that leaves you with something amazing to find, at least that is what it does for me. Soho has an eclectic artsy vibe that opens itself up to anyone and everyone hence there is a mix of beautiful varieties of people in the square. I’m always drawn to, first and foremost, friendly, genuinely kind people, then unique places, and welcoming atmosphere, every place mentioned in this post has all three equally. And soho as a whole is a hub for places such as these, its no wonder most places are ordinary and sometimes boring when everything wonderful is intensely jam-packed in London’s Soho.

I have never felt more alive then when I step foot in the square. I am at home there and even walking down the street I often bump into a smiling face with eyes that actually looks right at you an sees you and smiles, and not just glazes over your face, it just lights up my day. I have never laughed as much as I do when I’m in Soho.I can go on for days about how much I love the place, but you have other blogs to read so I’ll leave you with this. If you ever want to lose yourself to something unexpectedly wonderful and awe-inspiring pop into Soho, if your in London, open yourself to the streets, be non-judgmental and fall in love.


Happy Dreaming!



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