Temple Grandin



Director: Mick Jackson

Cast: Claire DanesJulia OrmondDavid Strathairn, Catherine O’Hara

Producer: Scott Ferguson

Screenwriter: Temple Grandin, Merritt Johnson, Christopher Monger

Synopsis: A biopic taken from Temple’s own writing about her life with autism and her journey becoming one of the top scientists in the humane livestock handling industry.

The story begins with Grandin on the crux of becoming a collage student. With flash backs for her earlier years, and moves forward a few years. It leaves for a very detailed and intricate look at a period of her life. And is the idiosyncratic feel that gave HBO its revered reputation. Mick Jackson sincere and straightforward approach to the film in combination with Claire Danes devotion to her character ann ingertity in which she executes her role leaves for a invigorating watch that is respectful to the real life on which its based on and the book. It is not a surprise that the film has received an unpricedinet rating of 100% on rotten tomatoes.

We follow her as a child who begins speaking at the age of four to a young woman with ambition and fears and exuberance on the journey of discovering herself and finding what works for her. Though her battle with constant bullying and misjudgement has left her less confident in the academic institution, It becomes clear to her loved ones, her mother, her aunt and her science teacher, that Temple needs to be sent to a school for incredibly minds, as she builds her inventions that are functional and valued for herself, in the form of her hugging machine and her uncle in the self-opening gate her constructs. Temple’s mind see’s details most can’t she sees puzzles all around her and fits them together.

This film shows the mind, makeup and temprentent of an child and adult with asbrogers. Seeing the why of her behaviour I can only assume is very helpful for parents and love ones of people with autism. The positive influence she revived form a science teacher nurtures her interest and love for science. She is riddled with adversaries throughout her formative years and meets this challenge with perseverance and honesty, she goes on to discover her tee potential, become one of the world top scientists and inventors of out time.

Temple Grandin’s story is on of true inspiration and Claire Danes does a phenomenal job capturing this. Reading the reviews and feedback for this film from others its clear I’m not alone in saying that this film is one that can only be described as a hypnotic truth at every turn. Claire Danes is Temple Grandin, her performance, if I can call it that, is nothing short of a miracle. She embodies this life so completely you forget until the credits are rolling that she is an actress.

I have always maintained the unshakeable belief that everyone is special and beautiful and understanding anyone comes with grace and patience, I think this film proves that even more. In the movie, we see the power of patience and care and kindness over abruptness, judgement and belittlement. Preconceived notions are one of the most irresponsible things any human can impart on another. Grandin, goes through a onslaught of bullying, cruelty and reticule and yet is able to push past it, achieving in measurable success.

I do not know anyone with autism or aspergers personally, but i do know that I have come out of this film with a valued understanding to people with different minds to what i have been used to a whole lot better now. What a gift.


10 out of 10 stars.


Happy Dreaming!

Note: (A profile of Temple Grandin, the woman, coming soon)



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